Deep removal of CO2 with no environmental impacts

Our patented technology

The ZEUS technology is a flexible and scalable process to remove CO2 from industrial emissions or from air.
The release of CO2 can proceed at room temperature requiring no heat. This is an advantage in industrial sites where steam availability is constrained. Since hydroxides are non-volatile and do not degrade, the process will not produce emissions from the solvent side (Zero-Emission). The two-step regeneration process allows the solvent to be nearly fully regenerated (Ultra-Stripping), which allows for very high capture rates (above 99% for industrial processes).
The system uses a liquid solution of hydroxide as solvent for CO2 capture. The gas enters the absorber where CO2 reacts with the solvent, similarly to amine-based processes. However, unlike amines, the regeneration of the solvent is not performed using heat. Our processes only uses electricity. To release the CO2 from the solvent, an acid solution is added to the neutralization tank acid solution. Here, it is possible to produce CO2 at high pressure saving significant compression costs in the post-treatment step. Then, the hydroxide and acid solutions are regenerated using an electro- membrane process and are sent back to the process, closing the operational loop. As the hydroxide and the acid stay in the process loop, there is no chemical consumption.

Process advantages

Hydroxides are cheap, non-toxic, non-volatile and widely used worldwide (easy to purchase)

No solvent degradation or emissions

Can treat high O2 content gas streams

Can produce CO2 at elevated pressure (up to 10 bar)

Do not use heat in the process, only clean electricity

Proven working principles

Can be used for a wide range of CO2 concentrations including DAC (Direct Air Capture)