Post-combustion CO2 capture

Chemical absorption with amine-based solvents is the most advanced process to remove CO2 from exhaust gases. This process is already implemented in several plants. Although this process is relatively simple, the design must be carefully performed to result in a trouble-free operation avoiding, for instance, unnecessary increase in heat requirement, columns flooding, and emissions of harmful components.
Wrong design or selection of materials and/or operating conditions can lead to severe damages to the plant and unnecessary HSE risks.

cooling tower
Hovyu has extensive knowledge on carbon capture and can design an amine-based CO2 capture process taking into consideration all operational aspects of the process. As we work with open solvents (such as MEA and CESAR1), plant owners are not bounded to any supplier and are free to purchase both the chemicals and the plant from several suppliers. Hovyu works in partnership with a few EPC companies and through them help to deliver turn-key solutions.

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