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ProTreat® is a powerful gas treating simulation software developed by Optimized Gas Treating (OGT). ProTreat® is a true rate-base simulator that accounts for the impact of physical properties, tower hydraulics, gas and liquid loads, and reaction rate for calculations across phase interfaces, rather than assuming equilibrium stages. This greatly increases the accuracy of the simulator. Some solvents used for CO2 capture were recently validated in ProTreat® showing that ultimately the software can be used for the design and simulation of such processes with a high degree of confidence.

ProTreat offers a comprehensive component database among which:

  • Amines for acid gas removal (e.g., MEA, AMP, Piperazine, MDEA, etc.) – Including the components of CESAR1
  • Amino acids for acid gas removal
  • Potassium carbonate (K2CO3) – Hot Potassium carbonate/Benfield Process
  • Glycols (MEG, DEG and TEG) for gas dehydration
  • Caustic soda (NaOH and KOH)
  • Physical solvents (DMPEG) for acid gases removal – Active component of Selexol®
  • Ammonia
  • Several proprietary solvents
  • Several hydrocarbons and gaseous components to simulate gas treating
Recent studies used ProTreat® to simulate the complete blue hydrogen process including both the steam methane reforming and CO2 capture part, and the removal of CO2 from a gas-fired combined cycle powerplant. Hovyu is a representative of OGT in Europe and can provide you with an offer for a license.


Hovyu also offers training for ProTreat® users. The training is tailor-made to fits the target audience. We mix theory and practical exercises where the attendees can experience how to tackle a real problem. After the training, the users are able to explore the full power of ProTreat.
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