DRIVE project

Deep Removal of CO2 and Innovative Electrification concepts (DRIVE)

DRIVE is a 3-years project granted by the CETP joint call 2022. The project is planned to start in September 2023.

Amine-based capture processes are commonly designed for achieving 90-95% CO2 capture rates. The residual 5-10% emissions must be offset for our net-zero emissions target to be met.

DRIVE contributes to a carbon neutral society by developing technologies and methods for applying cost-effective deep removal of CO2 from industrial sources, in thermally- and electrochemically-driven processes. Deep removal is defined as processes with 99% capture rate or more.

Hovyu will test and demonstrate its own technology (the Zero-Emission Ultra-Stripping, ZEUS). This task counts with key partnership with TNO and TUE. Besides that, Hovyu will perform the techno-economic analysis of more than 30 cases using both the ZEUS technology and deep removal amine based processes.

More information to come when the project is kicked-off! (September 2023)

For more information, please visit the project website and LinkedIn pages

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