We have strong knowledge on CO2 capture processes. We can provide personalized services that help our clients to better understand and implement a capture process. This helps in the entire decision process to implement a capture plant (including negotiating with technology providers). We have provided several feasibility and pre-feed studies for numerous companies in different sectors including Waste-To-Energy, energy, and manufacturing. The studies helped the companies to understand the requirements of the capture process applied to their needs. The critical parameters were evaluating results in heating and cooling demands, plant footprint and preliminary cost estimations (for both equipment and operation).
We can help along the whole decision making process. As Hovyu is involved in several R&D processes, we are up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. We can help our clients to select and evaluate proposals, perform due diligence, discuss technical details of a project or simply evaluating techno-economic feasibility of a process.
Having an expert on the table during the discussions for implementation of a process drastically increases the chance of the project success. We are here for you!

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